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Ten Reasons Why Johnny Still Lives in His Car

The internet was invented in 1958. The War on Poverty started in 1964. We sent a man to the moon in 1969. Why have we not been able to end homelessness in the United States?

  • We have passed housing equality laws, but we haven't faced up to issues of housing equity.

  • Most government programs have a very limited and deceiving definition of who is truly homeless.

  • Innovation and risk-taking is not a leadership competency taught or endorsed in the community development industry.

  • Nonprofits function like government entities, rather than results-driven businesses.

  • Have you noticed all the grey hair at your last meeting of affordable housing/homeless advocates?

  • Our stakeholders don't hold nonprofit community development organizations accountable for real and sustainable change in people's lives.

  • We are hamstrung by government grants that claim to define the problems in our communities for us, dictate how we should solve them, and set false feelings of success by encouraging adherence to the most minimum of compliance standards.

  • We have inadequate mental health services in our communities. Hence, we are placing many supportive housing neighbors in the wrong type of housing.

  • Our governmental human services and housing budgets are misdirected. We need to provide a safe, affordable home for every child; rather than spending billions building prisons.

  • Not in my neighborhood! But, if not mine...then where?

Thanks for all you do everyday, for so many!


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