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At the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation, we have created two different types of volunteer opportunities in order to accommodate even the busiest volunteer’s schedule.


Position-Based Volunteer Opportunities are designed for volunteers looking for a more long-term volunteer experience and commitment. These roles are typically during business hours, and include a job description outlining specific responsibilities of the volunteer. Position-Based Volunteers work closely with our partners, and gain valuable work experiences while giving back to the community.  



Community Action/ Event Volunteer Opportunities are designed for volunteers who would like to sign up for individual events/ activities, requiring no reoccurring commitments. These opportunities are typically working directly with neighbors in the community, and allow each volunteer to customize their experience by choosing events and activities that align with their interests and schedule.




 If you have any questions, please contact our Office of Volunteer Services at



Food Pantry Assistant

Food Pantry Assistants help our neighbors shop for food,  pack their orders, and update our inventory. 

Commitment: 4 hours/week

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