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Let's Read One Book Together

Second Act Communities and the Virginia Beach CDC invite you to participate in their first annual Read One Book Together event. The first book will be Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block.

We need to transform the isolation within our communities into connection and caring for the whole by building our social fabric.

As community developers, we are very interested in participating in critical conversations with our neighbors and community partners about how we can come together to solve this problem. Peter's book will be our conversation-starter.

How can you participate?

  • Register as an official participant by sending an email to Include your full name, contact information, and organizational affiliation (if relevant) in the email.

  • Spread the word about this community-empowering event. A downloadable flyer will be made available on our website homepage on February 1.

  • Read the book.

  • Participate in virtual discussion groups on our Facebook page this April; and/or

  • Join us for a live community conversation in April. Date, time, and location TBA.

Community, religious, social, business and nonprofit groups are invited to join us for this event.

A Review of Community: The Structure of Belonging

"Peter Block has taken the word "community" and kneaded, massaged and squeezed it into extreme flexibility, so that it can compact itself into the microcosm or expand to fill the whole world....

There are still people in our country who are suffering and who need the assistance of dedicated activists. The distress and chaos "out there" is our responsibility. Community allows the potential activist to do a lot of self-winnowing - asking him/herself such questions as "to what extent are you here by choice," "what is the yes you no longer mean," and "what promises are you willing to make."

He reminds us that we are all citizens of our country but also of our community, and we need to take that responsibility seriously. In a profound sense, aspiring to improve our environment and assist our neighbors requires that we improve ourselves. That is the challenge of community and the rallying cry of Community." (Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Barbara Bamberger Scott, 2008)

The Virginia Beach CDC and Second Act Communities* are dedicated to serving the critical housing needs of neighbors in our communities. Want to know more about how you can partner with us in this important work? Give us a call at 757-463-9516.

Thanks for all you do everyday, for so many!


*Southeastern Virginia Housing Corp. is now Second Act Communities, Inc. SECOND ACT COMMUNITIES SM is a service mark of Second Act Communities, Inc. and may not be used without permission. All rights reserved.

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