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Second Act Communities is taking action to resolve the Veterans Homelessness. Our mission is to focus on how to solve the problem of homelessness amongst our American heroes, stabilize, and finally create the biggest solution to put them back on the track to self-sufficiency.


-       As of 2017, HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development) estimated that 39,741 Veterans are homeless on any given night

-       40% of the US population are Veterans

-       Roughly 9% are Female

In Hampton Roads

-       More than 9% of Veterans make up the population in the greater Hampton Roads area

-       In 2016, 193 homeless veterans were counted on the street

Our goal for Operation: Now It's Our Turn is to:

  • To get Homeless vets off the streets and into stable home ownership

  • Solve the emergency of chronic homelessness

  • Stabilize the problem

  • Put them back on the track to self sufficiency

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