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Featured Speaker

Cheri Miles

August 16th, 2017

Becoming a Homeowner in 2017

This presentation will cover updated mortgage requirements, credit challenges, down payment, Debt to income, working with a realtor, using a home inspector, and tips for the availability of local/state down payment programs. This speaker will also share how to prepare for ongoing and unexpected expenses of homeownership, and welcomes questions from participants looking to begin their homeownership journey.

Featured Speaker
Tom Crockett

November 14th, 2017

Rock Your Brand: Defining, Deploying and Defending Your Personal/ Work Brand

This presentation can be useful regardless of where you are in your work-life: just starting out; looking for advancement; or looking for a change. This speaker will explore the difference between a personal and a work brand, how to create a guiding brand statement for yourself, and how to project that brand statement in your personal and professional life. He  will also explore the difference between a superficial work brand (what gets you to the interview and perhaps through the initial hire) and a deep work brand (what gets you retained and promoted and actually accounts for your real value to a business or endeavor).

Previous Events

February 21, 2017

Living your Dreams: 5 Steps to Launching Your own Business or Non-Profit

This dynamic presentation will cover five key steps to starting a business or nonprofit: Count the Cost, Write the Vision, Choose Business Type, Create Business Plan, and Learn Local Requirements. Attendees will learn about the importance of developing vision and mission statements, be exposed to the various types of business entities and the elements of a business plan, and be encouraged to consider the non-financial costs associated with starting their own business.

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