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CHAI Creative Arts Classes strengthen you and your community by helping you learn how to express yourself. Enjoy hands-on visual and performing arts activities including:

Acting Improvisation   +   Drawing and Painting   +   Music and Dance

Storytelling and Journaling   +   Sharing Culture Through Food   +   And Much More!

This program provides positive reinforcement and a creative outlet for participants who are realizing goals in education, employment, personal health, relationships, and staying committed to the changes they have made in their lives.

TO REGISTER: Please complete this APPLICATION FORM  and email to

Erica Nashan ( or drop it off at the VBCDC Main Office. 

Class Information: 

Adult Classes

“You Are What You Eat”

Participants will explore the theme, “You Are What You Eat” by drawing, painting, cooking and storytelling.  Meeting once a week, we will create visual images and share recipes that tell the story of our own culture, family, and special occasions. We will invent new recipes and new images that describe how we picture our future goals.


Teens Classes for Ages 12-17

“My World and Welcome To It”

Teens explore their feelings through hands-on drawing, painting, acting improvisation and other creative group exercises. Sharing worldview ideas while working on art projects develops confidence and self-knowledge that translates into making positive choices about your own future.


Children’s Classes for Ages 5-11

“Home is Where the Heart Is”

Using crayons, markers, and collage, participants will learn how to imagine a story in visual images on paper. Stories will develop using group acting exercises. Participants will learn to connect the images as a means to tell the story of how “Home is Where the Heart Is.” Final presentation will include exhibit of drawings.



Cedar Grove Residents’ Classes (Veterans) 

Ready or Not”

Exercises in drama and drawing strengthen confidence and skill in communication. Participants will share in group discussions designed to increase verbal skills such as tone of voice, vocabulary, intentional and thoughtful expression as well as how to listen, and make positive choices in their communication with others. Increasing skill in communication translates into healthier relationships, ability to resolve conflicts, and finding more success in life.

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